210th Suite My Hotels London

210th Suite My Hotels London

210th Suite in MyChelsea London

Let us seduce you in our 210th suite (scroll down to see our Hotel Partners)

The first 210th Suite, located in Myhotel Chelsea London, has been launched on September 25th 2014. A wonderful collaboration between Myhotels and 210th results in a unique concept where guests can experience the philosophy of 210th, Closer Together. The 210th suite, styled according to the signature of 210th, offers Beloved Ones a luxury 210th box filled with seductive accessories and challenging assignments. In the room you will be pleased by 210th amenities and offers you all the necessary comfort to have your moment Closer Together. 


The 210th box completes your stay in our suite. The box is filled with luxury, erotic accessories, massage products and challenging assigments to give your stay an extra dimension. Experience a unique concept Closer Together.

Included in the 210th hotelsuite for one night:

210th Special Myhotels box (value € 129)

210th Bath oil (value € 29,95)

Additional amenities

You can book the room soon directly on our site, but for now we like to refer to Myhotel Chelsea.

About myhotels…

In 1999 the doors to the very first myhotel opened in Bloomsbury. A 78 guestroom hotel – it was the realisation of a dream to provide hospitality, which combines the style, culture and technological drive of the west with the observant, graceful, and respectful service standards of the east.210th_hotelsuite_myhotels_seductive_hotelroom

Later in 2002 the 45 guestroom myhotel Chelsea opened – a sumptuous and chic hotel that blends effortlessly in to the Brompton Cross area while offering something truly unique. The hotel combines the eccentricities and style of traditional England with the cosmopolitan nature of urban living.


In March 2008 the 80 guestroom myhotel Brighton opened – with beautiful curved walls, a unique design feature, and a bed that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is inviting, the hotel is an exciting fusion of comfort, design and progressive style.


Nearly a decade since entering the industry designers such as Conran, Project Orange and Karim Rashid could all say they had influenced the style and physical appearance of the brand. Helping to etch in people’s minds the essence of myhotels, and in turn, all colluding to make the award winning lifestyle hotel group what it is today.

The philosophy of this revolutionary hotel brand is to provide a service that cannot be found anywhere else. A service that panders more towards the individual requests of the guest rather than being based on assumptions of the guests needs, while fusing feng shui into the very essence of the hotels. Forever adapting to the changes of the hospitality industry, whilst simultaneaously staying a step ahead of their individual guests, this boutique hotel group is excited about the future.


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