210th Hotel suite in Australian Penthouse

210th Hotel suite in Australian Penthouse

210th Suite
Sex is still a taboo subject in the 21st century. Sure we’ve come a hell of a long way, but people still tend to freeze up and get weird when you inquire about their sex life.
The awkward encounter with the checkout chick at your local store when purchasing condoms and lube is almost a right of passage.

But who cares about that, you’re getting laid tonight! As far as escapism goes, visiting
a hotel solely for the purpose of banging each other’s brains out is pretty high on our list of fun things to do. Actually, it’s pretty much at the top of our list, right along side
sex in space. Thankfully, there are people out there who understand our kinky needs.

Here’s what Sofie has to say about 210th suite.
“My Chelsea offers an oasis for cosmopolitan fashion and fun. This urban retreat is so alluring guests won’t want to leave, particularly if they have checked into the exclusive 210th suite. Designed for guests with a playful disposition the suite is a truly seductive
setting, a complimentary 210th box containing adult accessories enhances the experience.”
Chelsea, London.
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