Misset Horeca loves 210th and The Love Bag.

Misset Horeca loves 210th and The Love Bag.

Misset Horeca is a Dutch online platform that serves entrepeneurs and managers in the hospitality business. Horecava 2017 is a the biggest hospitality business fair of the Netherlands, where 210th and The Love Bag made a big impression. It is shown in an article on the Misset Horeca website. 

Reporter Michael Simon writes in that article about the erotic boxes of 210th, The Love Bag and the smaller Love Box. Hotels all over the world do have those products in their collection. Among them there a seperate hotels, but also chains of hotels and boutique hotels. They offer the products in their hotelrooms, in a minibar, by pre-ordering or in vendingmachines. 

Owner of 210th and The Love Bag is Sofie Rockland. She tells about the luxurious character of the products. They don't have the apperance of sex, they are about intimacy and pleasure. The have a discrete look and feel, so guests easily dare to buy them. 

A lot of hotels do have the products of 210th or The Love Bag in their collection and thereby they offer their guests a possibility of intimacy. That experience of hospitality leads the hotels to extra revenues.

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