Pride box

Luxurious erotic relation gift box
For the enrichment of your relationship 210th offers you an exclusive selection of 7 erotic accessories and several secret assignments. Tucked away in mysterious black envelopes. With the opening of the first envelope your journey to discover each others’ deepest desires will start. With humor, play, temptation and love, the 210th box will make you an even prouder if not exhausted couple!
Taste of 3 of 25 assignments…
“This week you make love in complete silence. If one of you makes any sound or pleasurable groan, the forfeit is to fulfill each other’s wishes for 24 hours!”
” Draw each other naked! Think Titanic!”
“Today both of you write two assignments for each other that you will carry out the next week. Keep in mind the concept of 210th! One is about communication, the other about intimacy.”
Vibrating cockring, lubricant, massage oil, black massage bath duck, luxury men vibrator traditional, luxury men vibrator-plus new style, black satin bondage or blindfold, satin bag, letter opener, batteries, several assignments, luxury storage box (23,5 x 20 x 10,5 cm).
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